Boys do cry

“I have not yet taken
my final form
But I’m also not
who I was when I was born
Awaiting times
for times to change
Until that time
I will be strange”
- Levi

The series 'Boys do cry' paints a portrait of a boy from Amsterdam who identifies as a man, but is born in a body that does not rhyme with this identity.

For Levi, his vulnerability is an important part of his identity. Levi is a boy, and he does cry. He is not afraid of being judged by society for opening up. In my opinion, his ability and will to show his feelings, makes him even stronger and inspiring for other female to male trans people.

Although being transgender is undeniably part of Levi's identity, It is not emphasized in the series. It is Levi’s strong personality and attitude to life that makes him a highly inspiring and powerful person.

Since 2014 until 2020 I have photographed Levi frequently, mostly during crucial moments in his life, such as right after Levi was evicted and ended up in a small caravan, but also mere days after his bottom surgery.   

When I asked Levi in 2014 to portray him, I didn’t know that we would become such close friends, but we did.

“My future, you know, I cannot predict it
My fucking head is so fucking conflicted
I’m addicted
I know I should fix it
All options constricted
All sorts of negativity depicted
But it’s already scripted
I will always be wicked
- Levi


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