Collection Of Broken Ideas

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4 videoclips for Thomas Azier’s album “Collections of Broken Ideas”
The films exists out of single shots without an edit, with objects and figures alternating between being recognizable and then appearing vaguely, somewhat abstractly on screen.

In my experience, the music of Collection Of Broken Ideas also functions in this way. It washes over you like an overwhelming wave, and every now and then you suddenly recognize something. The rustling of the wind, a girl's voice...

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Beds is a series of short films about lust, love and bedroom secrets. The premiere Beds took place in Rialto, Amsterdam during TranScreen Filmfestival, 2015.

Due to sexual content, the series got kicked off both Vimeo and Youtube. You’ll be able to watch the entire series by subscribing to my Patreon. Prices starting from €3.

BEDS #1 Chris & Floris - In this first part we see Chris explaining why he believes sex is art. 

BEDS #2 Levon - In this second part Levon tells us about his personal trauma. 

BEDS # 3 Christina & Shenta - In this third part Christina Curry and her girlfriend Shenta are talking about love, and Christina explains why she needs so much of it.